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July 16, 2008

Photos on the net (Me-262)

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I’ve been reading the book JG7, published by Schiffer.  It is quite enjoyable.  While trolling thru the net I ran across this photo:

Me-262 Night Fighter

Me-262 Night Fighter


The photo is interesting in several respects.  First, it is printed backward.  You can tell by the V number on the side of the aircraft.  It appears to be V056, and is obviously one of the prototypes for the night fighter version of Me-262.  The tail wears different camo than the rest of the aircraft.  (This wasn’t uncommon since the aircraft was built in parts and then assembled elsewhere.) The far engine pod also appears to be of a different color than the main body of the aircraft.

I run across interesting photos all the time on the net.  I will try to make a habit of downloading them and posting them here for all to see.

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