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August 12, 2008

2008 IPMS Nationals (Part 2) The Journey

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As I said in the previous post, this was my 14th or 15th Nats.  I usually go for the entire show, arriving on Wednesday and leaving late on Saturday or early on Sunday.  This year, the modelwife was working which thru a monkey wrench into my plans as we could not both be away from the modelchild for such a period.  Therefore, I wasn’t able to fly to Va. Beach until Friday morning.  I flew on Southwest via BWI to ORF.  Thanks to the Dr. Terry Hill Chiropractic office and limosuine service, I was picked up at the Norfolk airport when I arrived a little after noon.  I was already registed at the show, again thanks to Dr. Hhill and thus we travelled from the airport straight to the convention center.

Vendors!  Ah, the world’s largest traveling hobby shop.  Of course, upon arriving, we went straight to the vendor area, since my meager supply of available spending money was begging to be spent.

Vendors room

Vendors room

After a quick pass thru the vendor room and a parting of some hard earned cash in exchange for magazines, books, decals and resin, it was off to the model room.  This year there were 2500+ models entered.  It looked like less since the model display room was so large.  My only complaint was that the convention center lighting gave the models a yellow cast, which made some of the colors appear odd.  Here is a photo of the display room.

Contest Room

Contest Room

I shot a lot of photos.  Naturally I concentrated on 72nd scale aircraft.  I will cover those in a subsequent post.  However I’d like to post a few photos of other models entered.

This was a beautiful 1/48th scale Corsair construction dio.  Very nice indeed.

Corsair dio

Corsair dio

In honor of the modelwife’s employer and my transportation to the show, I took this photo of a very nice 1/144th scale 737 in the Southwest Sea World scheme.  The decals are by Jet decals, which I don’t think you can get anymore.

Southwest 737

Southwest 737

I love 700th scale ships, especially those of WWI and before.  Here is a stunning 700th scale HMS Cumberland.

HMS Cumberland

HMS Cumberland

Part 3 will follow tomorrow with a selection of 72nd scale aircraft.  Check back for more photos.


  1. David,

    The Cumberland was amazing. All of those tiny , perfectly spaced and shaped rings in the rigging between the masts!

    I sat next to to the guy in your vendor room photo on the way back from the Fightertown Museum BBQ. I asked him if he was going to Oceana for the VF-31 tour. He said no, he sees military hardware every day; he was staying at Little Creek and lived on a base in North Carolina. He’s an active duty Marine. Never smiled. With his job I probably wouldn’t either.


    Comment by Mike Oberholtzer — August 21, 2008 @ 9:44 pm

  2. Mike,

    It was good to see you on the flight back from Va Beach. I wish it wasn’t as crowded, I’d have come back and seen you. I’d love to have gotten your impression of the show.

    That Cumberland truly was amazing. Those 700th scale ships just blow my mind.


    Comment by dknights — August 21, 2008 @ 10:36 pm

  3. That Corsair is really neat. Someday I’m going to do a Goodyear bird in primer.

    Comment by Jim — August 25, 2008 @ 6:50 pm

  4. I want to do a Central American Corsair. I’d also like to do an FG-2.

    Comment by dknights — August 26, 2008 @ 9:54 am

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