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September 10, 2008

Restaurant Review Lemongrass Restaurant

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Well, time to bust out another quick restaurant review.  Actually I have several of these in the pipeline, as the modelwife, modelchild and I eat out a fair amount.  As two working parents of a small child this is to be expected, I guess.

Lemongrass is a restaurant serving Thai, Chinese and Vietnamese cuisine.  We like it due to the proximity to the model manse.  Actually that sells it short.  We like the place because it serves good food at a good price and is close to where we live.

The menu at Lemongrass has a variety of foods from all three of its ethnic cuisines.  The modelwife tends toward the Thai dishes, while I mostly eat mainline Chinese.  The modelchild will eat anything with noodles or rice so we all get what we want.  I highly recommend the Hacked Chicken appetizer.  It is spicy, but never fails to please.  When we go we get appetizers, main courses and sometimes a dessert or glass of wine and the bill is rarely over $25, and we almost always have leftovers.  That is a rare deal these days.

The Lemongrass website is here.  It could really use an upgrade, but it does supply you with all the info you will need.  I highly recommend the place.

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