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September 11, 2008

My favorite modeling tools: Tamiya Tape

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I was all set to write this post a week of so ago, when I happened to be over at the Obscureco blog and noticed this post.  I won’t say that great minds think alike, but I do think posting about one’s favorite modeling tools or techniques ought to be a big part of what a modeling blog ought to be about.  I’ll admit that I had never heard of Chris’ Silver Sharpie technique before and it inspired me to go out and get one to try out.

I’ve recently been using on of my favorite modeling tools, Tamiya Masking Tape

Tamiya Masking Tape

Tamiya Masking Tape

I’ve been using this a lot as I have been masking the hard edge paint scheme on the Hunter and masking the canopy.  This stuff is great.  Its biggest advantage is its thinness.  It is much thinner that regular masking tape or 3M blue masking tape.   IF you get some, get it in the dispenser, as that keeps fuzz off the edge of the tape prior to use. (HT to Chris at CRM in St. Louis)

Give this stuff a try and check back here in the future for further posts on my favorite modeling tools.


  1. David –

    Shortly I’ll post a photo of my P-47, with its ID stripes, vertical tail and anti-glare panel all mummified in that wonderful yellow stuff. I get a big roll and cut appropriate widths with a straight edge (which is the most wonderful tool I never would have bought – a buddy gave it to me). I can’t model without the Tamiya tape…


    Comment by obscureco — September 22, 2008 @ 8:11 pm

  2. Chris,
    I look forward to seeing the P-47. A Tamiya 72nd P-47 is on my short list of things to build. As for the Tamiya tape, it is just one of the greatest things out there. It is well worth the cost. It is much better than any 3M or other masking tape out there.

    Comment by dknights — September 23, 2008 @ 2:07 pm

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