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January 22, 2009

101st post

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This is my 101st post since moving my blog to WordPress last June.  I haven’t posted as often as I’ve wanted, but I am not unpleased with my effors so far.

In any event, the photo below is one of my older models from a few years ago.  I took the picture and sent it to my friend and fellow club member Randy Fuller, who cleaned it up and edited it and sent it back.  The resulting photo looks much better then the actual model. 

This has raised a question in my mind.  How much can you edit a picture of a model before it is dishonest to put the photograph out in public as being representitive of the actual model.  Should you fix flaws on your model with photo-editing software and publish the photos, even on the internet, without disclosing what you have done?  To me, this is an interesting question.  I’ve come up with some preliminary answers, but until I’ve hashed all this out in my mind, I’ll reserve expressing my opinion for a subsequent post.

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