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April 28, 2009

Movie Review: Saving Grace (2000)

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Thanks to the Modelwife’s Netflix account and the modeldaughter going to bed at a reasonable hour, we have another movie review.  Saving Grace is a film done in the year 2000 about an upperclass British woman whose husband commits suicide and then she discovers that he has left her with a large home, an estate really, but no money and deeply in debt.  My wife is a big fan of  Craig Ferguson from his late night show and got this movie because he both wrote it and stars in it.  He plays the hapless gardener who helps the heroine of the story start a massive pot growing operation in her greenhouse to raise the funds to save the house. 

The film has some classic bits of slapstick British humor and Ferguson is good in his supporting role.  It isn’t a bad film, but it isn’t really a good one either.  I’m glad I didn’t pay to see it in the theatre because it isn’t worth that kind of money, but it wasn’t a bad way to pass an evening in front of the Tv with the Modelwife.


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