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April 29, 2009

Book Review:Gladiators over Malta

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Gladiators over Malta

The story of Faith, Hope and Charity

By Brian Cull and Fredrick Galea

Review by D. M. Knights IPMS/USA 17656




I’ve always had an interest in the story of the siege of Malta during WWII.  I’ve had a special interest in the three Gloster Gladiators that provided the air defense for the island in the early months.  That interest alone would be enough to get me to read this book.  Combine this subject matter with the fact that one of the authors, Brian Cull, is one of my favorites, and this book was a must buy.  In fact, when I read about it in a recent SAMI or MAM, I had to get it.  I ordered it directly from Ian Allan Publishing in the UK. 


I received the book in fairly short order and was surprised upon opening it to find that it was autographed by the authors.  I’ve got many of Mr. Cull’s books, but this one is the first autographed copy in my collection.  The slim volume, only 118 pages, contains the story of the three Sea Gladiators, later named Faith, Hope and Charity, that defended the island during the early months of WWII.  This story is somewhat familiar to those who have read Malta:The Hurricane Years by Shores, Cull and Galea.  However, this book contains an expanded account of the information in that tome.  In addition to the very readable text, the book contains numerous photos, including several that I had not seen before.  Also included are six color side views as well as two top view illustrations.


I cannot recommend this book highly enough.  It will be of use to both the modeler and the history buff.  It is my understanding that the book is a limited edition.  If so, find yours now!  You won’t regret it.

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