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May 25, 2009

Magazine review: Model Aircraft Magazine Vol.7 #12

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Yes, I know these reviews are out of order.  I have a stack of unread modeling magazines, and they aren’t in order,  I pull one off the stack and read it.  Then, sometime after I get around to doing a blog review. 

Model Aircraft Monthly 7/12

Model Aircraft Monthly 7/12


Another great issue of the premier aircraft modeling magazine out there.  (The premier modeling magazine of any type is probably MMiR, but that is the subject for another post.)

This issue contains part 3 of a very nice article on the A-20 Boston in Soviet service.  The Soviets used alot of these and heavily modified the.  I didn’t realize this.  A very nice article.  There are also very nice build articles on the 72nd Academy Il-2 and the Airfix RB-57E.  Finally, there is an overview of air combat in the Indo-Pakistani wars, with numerous color side views.

Another highly recommended issue.

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