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June 30, 2009

Thoughts from a Blitzbau novice

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Having just completed my first Blitz, I thought I’d take a minute and post my thoughts and impressions of the blitzbau concept.

In general, I found the experience to be very rewarding. I think one of the benefits is the ability of the blitz to get a modeler back in the “groove” of modeling, if he or she has been struck with AMS. Going in knowing that you are building a model with certain limitations due to time frees the modeler from worrying about they should stop and fix or that minor issue that might grind them to a halt in a more extended build. In the future, I would not try a “man-style” 24 hr build but would break it up into two 12 hours sessions over two days. One of the advantages of doing that is the ability to have part of the “down time” between sessions work for you by allowing paint or decals to be drying on the model. Also, when you realize that you can finish a model to a standard you find acceptable in 24 hours it will cause you to reflect on why you might be spending some much time on other builds without making progress. In short, I wouldn’t want to build every kit as a blitz, but I recommend doing one if you can.

Now a practical point or two. First, if you hope to complete the build on time, selection of the kit is key, especially if you build as slowly as I do. The Tamiya F4U-1D was a great choice for me as it had great fit so that there were no construction issues to slow me down. When picking a kit you should also carefully select your markings. This was my downfall. If I had selected one of the other sets of markings for this model it would have been completed with time to spare. On the advice of some more experienced blitzers, I examined the instructions in detail well ahead of the build. I planned sequences to get things constructed in such a way that I could build, and especially paint efficiently. This called for building out of the order called for in the instructions. Finally, you gotta have one of these.



I have four airbrushes and the Hydra (pictured above) allowed me to paint using several different brushes and thus saved me time by not having to stop and clean my airbrush between color changes, etc.

 As always, thoughts and comments are welcome.

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