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October 29, 2009

Movie review: The Dawn Express (1942)

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You do indeed get what you pay for, as I noted here.  This is the second movie from the DVD of 20 war movies.  It was almost as bad as the first.  The plot.  German spies are out to steal Formula 311 from an American chemical company.  I thought Formula 311 was the precurser to Formula 409, and the ever picky Germans wanted to make sure their army was clean.  However, this was not the case.  Formula 311 improved the efficency of gasoline.  The German spy ring targets two scientist here in the US offering one money and threatening the other’s wife and mother.  Damn Germans. 

Apparently we have the dumbest scientists in the world, because one of the two hero scientists gets on an American Airlines DC-3 in California with the bad guys and instead of just turning in the bad guys when they land decides to blow himself up to blow the airplane and all the spies.  You just don’t have any idea of how dumb this ending is.

You get a few minutes of stock footage of an American Airlines DC-3.  Other than that this film has nothing to recommend it.  It is even made from a bad print of the movie and I wish I could say this affected my opinion of the movie.  Sadly, it didn’t.

BTW, I have no idea why the movie is called “The Dawn Express”.

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