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February 10, 2010

Magazine review: Small Air Forces Observer Vol. 33 #3 (131)

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I love getting the Small Air Forces Observer (SAFO).  It is a dying breed of magazine, a self-published specialty magazine.  It caters to that small segment of modelers and avaition historians who focus on Small Air Forces.  I suspect that at some point the magazine will be replaced by a website, since much of what it does today would now be done on a website if you were starting from scratch.  However, since SAFO has been around 33 years, it will probably continue in its present format for some time.

This issue has several interesting articles, including part 2 of an article on Buffalo pilots with kills in the NEI theatre.  There are articles on Piper aircraft in Katanga and small air force Beech Bonanzas.  The magazine is black and white and not nearly up to modern publishing standards, however, it contains information that one doesn’t find elsewhere.  I’ll continue to get it as long as it is published.

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