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February 20, 2011

Columbus Pt. 1

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Some of us MMCL guys were able to travel up to Columbus for the 2011 version of Blizzardcon.  Fortunately this year, Blizzardcon didn’t live up to its name.  Temps were in the 50s.  Unfortunately, the venue was the same as usual.  This cave is the worst venue for a contest currently in the contest circuit.  This doesn’t seem to hurt the contest.  This year they had over 600 models.

Here is the MMCL crew at the local Hooters for lunch.

Hooters of Columbus

Mark Smith from northern Ohio was there.  In addition to his Taube, which was featured on the blog in the report on the Cincinnati show last year, Mr. Smith brought a beautiful DVII

Smith's DVII

I forgot my Olympus E-500 so all the photos were taken with my new EVO.  The camera is excellent.  However, my natural hand shake shows up in some of the photos.  My apologies.

Speaking of Mr. Smith, here is his Spanish Italian Harrier was great and I had the unfortunate luck to be entered in the same category with my Revell Hunter.

Smith's Harrier

In 72nd scale single engine prop there was an aircraft you don’t see often.  Here is a Caudron C.714 in French markings.  I didn’t get a good photo of it.

Caudron C.714

I’ll be posting more photos tomorrow.

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