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February 21, 2011

Columbus Pt.2

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Here are more shots from Columbus.  Again I apologize for the photo quality since I was using my EVO phone to take the photos.

Here is one that is in my hall of shame.  The Ar-234 night fighter version.


I don’t think I’ve ever seen one of these built up.  The MPM Blenheim I.

MPM Blenheim

A really nice Yak-9.  This one was an award winner.


This Hasegawa Nell was a 1st place award winner.


Finally, a model that you are not going to see built up anywhere else.  A Fairey Hendon from the Contrail vacform kit.


This model illustrates the major flaw in the current IPMS judging system.  It was a beautiful model.  Yet, it won no award.  The IPMS system gives no credit for “difficulty” and thus this modeler who did much more work than any of the three award winners, all built from very current model kits, received no recognition for a fine model built from a very crude vacform.  That is a shame.

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