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November 29, 2011

The problem with government at all levels

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is that it creates situations like this.  We need some level of government, but it has to be as small as possible at all levels to avoid situations like this where someone is employed by a government and know one knows or is willing to say what they actually do.

November 28, 2011

All sorts of interesting

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Read the story here.  I wonder who is doing what in Iran right now.

Site stats

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This is probably of little interest to anyone but me, but I have been looking at the blog’s site stats.  It looks like it will end up with about 7800 views this year.  Overall, there have been approximately 950 posts so far on the site in the last 3 and 1/2 years.

38% of posts have been on modeling, 27% of posts have been on general subjects, 17% have been legal and 11 % have been political.  I hope in the future to have more modeling and legal posts and less of everything else.


November 25, 2011

Stupid story of the day

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Read here.  Nearly everything in that story is incorrect.  These people are getting jailed for failing to respond to post-judgment discovery deposition or failing to appear in court for hearings on why they failed to comply with a previous court order.

November 24, 2011

More government stupidity

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God, I wish I could stop posting these stories, but it seems our Federal government just keeps getting dumber and dumber.  Story here.

November 22, 2011

Jim Bates nears the finish line

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Yes, words we never thought we’d type.  Mr Bates is near the finish line.  We have photos to prove it.


Silver Spit.


Canopy on


November 21, 2011

Good news

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A great day for 72nd scale modelers.  Tamiya is releasing an A6M5 in 72nd scale.  Tamiya’s 72nd kits are great.  I can’t wait for this one.

Whizz Bang

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Here is the Pentagon’s latest.  I would think this has a real potential to destabilize the balance of power worldwide.

November 20, 2011

Justin Timberlake

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No, I haven’t decided to change the focus of the blog from modeling/law to celebrity gossip, but this story deserves some attention.  I’ve never been a Justin Timberlake fan.  In fact, if he hadn’t been involved with Britany Spears many years ago and in the news for that, I probably wouldn’t know who he is.  In any event, he recently attended the Marine Corps ball.  His letter on his experience if really nice.  Read it here.

Does the government paying for healthcare…

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have anything to do with allowing and expanding euthanasia.  The Dutch seem to be leading the way.  Read here.

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