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February 10, 2012

Magazine review: Small Air Forces Observer Vol. 35 #3 (139)

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I’ve reviewed a lot of the previous issues of SAFO over the years, so generally those same comments apply to the latest issue.  Great organization.  Good magazine with info on subjects you aren’t likely to find elsewhere.

In this issue we have the third part of the article on the North Korean People’s Air Force in the Korean war.  This is a lightly covered subject generally so it is nice to have the information supplied in this three part article.

There is a short article on the Buffaloes of ML-KNIL, which is a subject that SAFO returns to time and again.  I suspect that I have more info on that subject in my collection of SAFOs than in all my other references combined.

There is a nice article on the air fleet stationed in Spitsbergen, which are islands that are part of Norway and are above the arctic circle.  No where else but SAFO would you find info like this.

For WWI fans there is an article on all the multi-engine bombers that came down in the Netherlands in WWI.  A surprising number of these giants landed or crashed on Dutch soil during the war.

Oh, and a final note.  SAFO, which is traditionally a black and white publication, will be making a color electronic version available to subscribers for a small fee.  All the more reason to join SAFCH.

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