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May 31, 2012

More government micromanagment

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Tar and feathers, boys and girls.  Tar and feathers.  Story here and here.

UPDATE: Oh, and this too.

May 30, 2012

Book Review: Osprey’s Modeling the Mitsubishi A6M Zero

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Zero book

Book Review: Osprey Modeling #25
Modelling the Mitsubishi A6M Zero
By Brian Criner

Review by D.M. Knights IPMS/USA #17656 IPMS/Canada C6091
ISBN 978 1 84176 866 3
80 Pgs
There are four iconic WWII single-engine fighters, the Me-109, the Spitfire, the Mustang, and the Zero. (Fw-190, P-47 and Hurricane fans, I understand how you feel, but the facts are the facts.)  Of those four iconic fighters, I’ve always liked the Zero the best.  I don’t know why.

Tamiya’s recent release of what appears to be the definitive 72nd scale A6M5 caused me to go back and pull this book off of the “to be read” shelf.  The book was originally published in 2006, and is similar in appearance and layout to the other Osprey modelling books. (Note that since Osprey is a British publisher, they use the two L spelling of modelling.)

The book’s chapters cover 4 A6M builds, one in 32nd, and one in 72nd and two in 48th.  The 32nd build is the (at the time) brand new Tamiya A6M5 kit.  The author does an overall bare-metal technique and tries to replicate the wrinkled “stressed skin” effect with moderate success.  The technique sounds very time consuming, and it would be lost on a smaller scale model.

The 72nd build is of the Hasegawa A6M5s.  It is done as a Kamikaze.  The two 48th kits are the Hasegawa A6M2 and the A6M2-N Rufe.
The strong point of this book is the finishing and the painting of the models.  The author has done a very good job with the finish of each of the kits.  Further, the explanation that the author provides for his techniques is excellent.  As for the more mundane aspects of building and detailing the kits, the book provides some illustration but little in the way of substantive explanation.

In addition to the main chapters, there is a gallery section which includes numerous builds by other modelers, including Derek Brown’s amazing 72nd scale A6M2.  While the gallery models don’t have extensive articles, they are a nice addition to the book.
Finally, there is a reference section with detail photos of Zeros and a color card with representation of typical paint colors used on the Zero.  Due to the limitations of printing, these colors reproduce poorly and are of limited value.

Given the $14-$18 street price of the book, I am not sure I can recommend it as an essential book for modeling the Zero.  However, for a die-hard Zero fan or someone interested in learning some advanced painting techniques, this book is very helpful.

May 29, 2012

I defy you to read this….

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and not cry.

May 28, 2012

Zombies and the law.

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Yes, you already knew tax lawyers were weird.  This is how weird.

May 27, 2012


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This story just makes you want to get some tar and feathers.

May 26, 2012

A decision where I agree with the 3 female members of the Supremes

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Story here.  I agree with the three female Justices and their dissent in the case.

May 24, 2012

China turmoil

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An interessting op/ed on the current turmoil in China and the coming leadership fight.

May 23, 2012

Steyn scores again

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There is no one better at political writing today than Mark Steyn.  His latest column manages to skewer the political system, the legal system and much more.

May 22, 2012

More MMCL contest photos

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Here are some more photos of 72nd scale models at the recent MMCL contest.

A Ro-37 or 44.


B-26 with a great finish.


One of many Fw-190s.


Jeff Groves Ju-390. Best Aircraft.


May 21, 2012

You gotta love the law

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Here is an opinion which recites a several page history of bourbon at the beginning.  Yea!

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