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March 25, 2013

Book review: American Aces against the Kamikaze

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Book review: American Aces against the Kamikaze
Osprey Aircraft of the Aces #109
Author: Edward M. Young
96 pgs
14pgs color illustrations and numerous b&w photos

This book covers USN and a few USAAC pilots who claims some or most of their kills against IJN and IJA pilots in late 1944 thru the end of the war in 1945.  As the author readily notes, identifying what Japanese aircraft were kamikazes our escorts for kamikazes, as opposed to simply enemy aircraft on normal attack missions, is difficult if not impossible.

The book is a fairly typical Osprey book.  The book is well written without any obvious typos.  There are 8 pages of color side views, with 4 illustrations per page for a total of 32 illustrations.  The vast majority are, as would be expected from the subject matter, USN aircraft and those are in the overall Gloss Sea Blue (GSB). That personally isn’t one of my favorite schemes, however, the authors still managed to come up with some interestingly marked aircraft.  There are also a few USAAF aircraft for those who don’t fancy doing an aircraft in overall GSB.

If you’ve got the new 72nd Eduard F6F Hellcat, then this book will be especially meaningful to you.  I’ve already picked out a scheme from the book for one of the Eduard Hellcats that I have in the stash.  I got this book off Amazon for about $13. I think it was well worth the price. I recommend it.


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