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May 22, 2013

Magazine review: Scale Aircraft Modeller Int’l Vol. 19 #4 (April 2013)

I previous announced a number of years ago on this blog that I’ve stopped buying SAMI.  The quality went seriously downhill and I just stopped finding value in it.  However, everyone once in a while I buy an issue just to see if things have changed.  The have.  It has gotten worse.

First, the positive stuff………

Ok, now the bad.  Nearly everything.  Uniformly, the models built for the articles are bad.  Some really bad.  A few examples.   The new Meng G.91 kit is a nice model, but you wouldn’t know it by the photos of the review model.  It is brush painted and I don’t mind that, but it isn’t well done.  The reviewer managed to make a new, state of the art kit, look like a 30 year old Frog kit.  The new Airfix kit of the Vamp is the subject of  one of the centerpiece articles of the issue.  Yet, the historical article doesn’t have much meat to it, and the color profiles aren’t particularly good.  Also, the review buiimld up of the kit is not well done.  There is obvious overspray and other building flaws that make it seem like the model was rushed for this issue.

I won’t be buying SAMI anytime soon.

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