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June 12, 2013

This isn’t good news

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MANPADs aren’t something we want Islamic terrorists to have.

June 11, 2013


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Story here,

June 6, 2013

Magazine review: Scale Aircraft Modelling Vol. 34 #9 (Nov. 2012)

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Yes, I know I’m going backward.  This issue of SAM was published months before the one in my last review.  Honestly I had read the issue last year, over Christmas I think and then it, sadly, ended up on the floor of my car.  I only recently discovered it, which tells you way too much about the floor of my car.

This is a really GOOD issue of SAM.  Not perfect, but really good.  This is especially true for the 72nd scale modeler.  There are at least four good 72nd kit builds, including a build of the (then) new Eduard 110.  The magazine also contains a feature on the RF-4 and an article by an RF-4 pilot in Vietnam.  One of the color profiles of an RF-4 in the magazine article is an RF-4C of the Kentucky Air National Guard.  The issue seemed pretty devoid of the typos that plague SAM issues from time to time.

This is SAM at its best and I wish all the issues were this good.

June 5, 2013

Stop me before I start a kit again

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I’ve done it again.  Started another kit before finishing something.  This time, the Special Armour V-2.



June 3, 2013

The death of the United Kingdom

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It is a shame to see the death of one of the greatest civilzations that ever existed.  Even sadder tha tit is a suicide, not a homicide.

Example #1

Example #2

Example #3

Magazine review: Scale Aircraft Modelling Vol. 35 #2 (April 2013)

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Despite its price, I enjoy SAM.  This is, in many respects, a good issue for 72nd modelers, with build articles on an Airfix Vampire, Fujimi A-4 and Sword Harrier T.4.  The quality of the builds are far above what is in the most recent SAMI.  However, there are a couple of disturbing things as well.  First, a small matter.  The editor’s review of the Airfix Vampire talks about replicating a bare metal finish, when the Vampire’s fuselage was made of wood.  That error wouldn’t be a big deal if the same article didn’t have a condescending  tone to both Airfix kits and 72nd scale in general.

SAM was built on 72nd scale.  I’ve noted previously that Jay, the editor, recent said that he is moving away from 72nd to the larger scales in his personal modeling.  That is fine, and so far it doesn’t seem to have influenced the content of SAM.  However, the tone of the article is troubling.  It isn’t so much what is said, as the way it is said.  It is almost as if Jay, as editor, needs an editor to edit his article.  I think a good editor would have spotted the problems with this article and corrected them.

I’m going to “put a pin” in this issue as they say.  I want to see if this is an aberration or the beginning of a trend.

June 2, 2013

No job is safe

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Technology continues to change the workplace in ways that we can’t anticipate.  Read here.  I am sure that it never occurred to news photographers that their jobs would get eliminated due to the camera feature on most mobile phones.  Wow.

Another reason Greece is F*cked.

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When you don’t know who owns what, it is hard to have a functioning economy.

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