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August 13, 2013

Sprue Cutters Union #1

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UPDATE:  Here are the links to the posts from the other members of the Union.
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Martin’s Scale Models – Martin doesn’t appreciate bad forums!
Doogs’ Models – Matt hates on the absolutists!
Kermit’s Workbench – Rich is let down by an old kit!


At the urging of Jim Bates, I’ve joined the blog carnival known as the Sprue Cutters Union.  (BTW, it is interesting that my spellchecker doesn’t recognize Sprue as a word) The subject for this week is:– What is the worst experience you’ve had with this hobby? –

I thought this would be easy.  Anyone who knows me knows that I have had a hundred modeling failures and that my “Hall of Shame”© is huge.  Yet, I am not really sure I’ve had a “worst experience”.  Sure, I’ve had masking agent bring up the underlying paint; I’ve put glue fingerprints on a model; I’ve even tried to spray the remaining paint in my airbrush back into a half full paint bottle. (The resulting shower of silver paint was epic.)

However, I am not sure I can really say I’ve had a worst experience.  Even at the times where it is the most frustrating, modeling is still one of the most enjoyable and relaxing things in my life.  It is an escape and a time where I can just be me.  Also, having a build night with friends, or with a modeling friend via Skype, is just a great way to spending an evening.

So, in sum, I am not sure I’ve had a worst modeling experience.


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