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August 21, 2013

Sprue Cutters Union #5

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sprue cutter union 2(Note, my last entry was #1, but I came late to the party and to sync up with everyone else I am jumping to #5)

This weeks topic is: – What is your modeling philosophy? –

This one was actually easy for me.  I have two modeling philosophies

#1 Make each model a little bit better than the last.  This one is very subjective.  I just want to personally think that each model I complete is “better” than the last one.  I don’t always accomplish this, but it is one of the things I strive for.

#2  This is the one that motivates me the most.  With each model I try to do something new.  I try a new technique, like a new way of doing bare metal or the “salt technique” or a different way of weathering.  This is the way I challenge my self to try new things.  I know too many modelers who model and all their models are the same.  The same look, the same techniques etc.  That is fine for them if it makes them happy, but that isn’t for me.


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