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September 21, 2013

Sprue Cutter’s Union #8

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I am a bit late getting to this week’s Sprue Cutter’s post.  The subject is:

– What paint(s) do you use? –

I could write on this subject for hours, but I won’t.  I’ll just suffice it to say, I HATE acrylic paints.

The Tamiya acrylics are the best of the acrylic scene, but even those are just not good compared to even an average enamel, such at Model Master. I will use acrylics for small detail brush painting, but other than that I consider them pretty much useless.

My current favorite paints are the White Ensign Models paints.  They spray beautifully and the colors are very nice.  The only problem is that due to changes in postal policies in the UK, you can’t order them directly from the manufacturer.  There are few sources for them in the US.  I order them from MidTenn Hobbies.  Of the more common Model Master line, I find that their RLM colors are the best of an otherwise mixed bag.

I use tube oils for weathering, mixing them with mineral spirits.  I’ve also used tube oils in the very limited figure painting I’ve done.

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