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August 31, 2014

Magazine review: RT Vol. 36 #2 (Summer 2014)

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Since the next issue of RT is due out this month,  I thought I had better get caught up on reviews of the previous issues.   This was the last issue I’ve gotten.  As always,  it is excellent.  I’ve said it before, but RT reminds me of FineScale back when it was good.
The feature article is on a Canadian cc-130E.  It is excellent.  I had not realized how much work the Italeri kit needed.
There is also a build of a 48th scale Bf-108 and Polish RWD-8. for armor modelers there is a Staghound III.
As always,  I highly recommend joining IPMS/Canada.

August 28, 2014

Magazine review: RT Vol. 35 #4 (Winter 2013)

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OK, I somehow skipped this one.  Not sure how, but I failed to post a review when it came in.  As you know I read thru RT as soon as I get it, so I have no clue how I set this one aside after I read it and failed to post a review.

As you know by now, RT is great. It is the only modeling magazine I read where I read all the articles, no matter what the subject or scale. Normally, there is at least one article on a 72nd scale kit in each issue, though this issue seems to be the exception to that rule.  However, the issue makes up for that with a nice spread of photos from the 2013 IPMS/UK Nationals.  Of course, the models photographed are generally Canadian subjects.  This issue also contains part 3 of the ongoing article on the RCAF Ventura.

I love RT and love IPMS/Canada generally.  The only downside to membership is that Canada Post has recently raised its prices and as such IPMS/Canada has had to raise the membership price to pretty high levels, especially for those residing outside of Canada.  I hope they find a solution for this as it will surely cost them members in the long run

August 24, 2014

Magazine review: Scale Aircraft Modelling Vol. 35 #10 (Dec 2013)

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OK, I admit it, I am behind on posting these magazine reviews.  I actually read this issue when I got it in Feb. of 2014, but it has taken me till now to do a review of it.

It is a typical SAM.  The production values on the magazine are first-rate.  (Though there are still a disturbing number of typos)  The photos of the models are good and the models themselves are well built.

This issues has a number of items for the 72nd scale builder.   There are a couple of 72nd scale Spits in Israeli markings, along with a feature article on the Spitfire in early Israeli service.  There is also a build of the Russian Mi-10 heavy lift helicopter.  There is an additional feature article on the Sea King helicopter in Royal Navy service, though the build accompanying that article is a 48th scale build.  (Yuck!)

The biggest complaint I still have about SAM is the price here in the States.  At the recent IPMS/USA Nats, the SAM publishers had a booth, and  they were selling issues, including the current one, at $4.50 each.  At that price I’d have no problem buying them as the best value in modeling magazines.

August 22, 2014


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At the Federal and State level.

This is going to get out of control

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Even with the Middle East on full boil, this is the most worrying area of the world to me.

August 21, 2014

Audie Murphy

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Read here for a description of his actions in France in 1944.

August 19, 2014

The law of unintended consequences

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She makes an appearance in the strangest places.

USS Houston

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The wreck sight has finally been located and confirmed.

August 18, 2014

Beer review: Sierra Nevada Kellerweis

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Time for another beer review.  Surprise, surprise, its another wheat beer.  Its Sierra Nevada’s Kellerweis.  The beer is a pretty classic unfiltered wheat beer.  It is 4.8% ABV.  It has a very pleasant aroma.  Is smells strongly of banana and you get both a banana flavor and a hint of vanilla in the initial taste.  The manufacturer also notes a hint of cloves in the taste, but I did not get that until much later in the beer.

I’ve previously reviewed a banana flavored beer here.   As in that case, the banana flavor was good.  I had the beer with steak and rice and grilled veggies and it was good.  The brewer recommends having it with salmon or brats.  I am not sure about the salmon, but I can really see this one going very well with brats.

August 13, 2014

Magazine review: Small Air Forces Observer Vol.38 No.1 (149)

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The July issue of SAFO is out.  As usual, it is a must read.  A nice article on the Hawker Hunter in Lebanese service, as well as a one page article on Yugoslav aviators flying with a US B-24 unit.  As you know I love SAFO.  My only wish is that they would do it in color.

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