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January 2, 2015

2014 Modeling: A review

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Well, 2014 is in the books and I am one year closer to the big dirt nap.  Sadly, my stash failed to move in the right direction. (i.e. smaller)  Instead, it grew, though I don’t think at the rate in years past.

My goal for the year was five finished.  My goal always seems to be five finished.  Sadly, I only finished two, the Special Armor V-2 and the Airfix P-51. (Yes Jim, I am counting the P-51).  That is better than 2013 when I only finished 1. (and it was a 700th scale sub, at that.)

My goal for 2015 will again be 5.  Two of those I already know.  The Special Hobby SB2U is to be finished by the Nats in July.  In addition, attorney Bates and I have an Airfix Hurricane smackdown starting.  That leaves three other kits to complete in 2015.  One of those will probably be the Ace Citroen car which will go on the long planned France 1940 airfield dio.  As for the other two, who knows.


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