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January 11, 2015

More Nikon D3200 model photos

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So, I continue to play around with the Nikon.  I drug out an old P-40 and put it on the GHI base and took some beauty shots. Here is one.

















I didn’t do any retouching.  I like the way this camera shoots.  The menu isn’t quite as easy as the Olympus, but that might just be what I am familiar with.

With shooting models, extreme close ups are an important feature.  I use a +4 magnification filter to take this shot.  I didn’t use any software zoom.  This is straight from the camera.

P-40 nose

P-40 nose

















A nice close-up.  Note the dust on the nose that the camera picked up. (I should have dusted the model before I took the photos, but this was just about testing the camera.)

Here I took the previous shot and used Photoshop elements to zoom in.  The detail stays sharp.  Note how pebbly the paint looks at this magnification.

Extreme close up.

Extreme close up.













I think this camera will more than work for my needs.

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