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March 12, 2015

Magazine review: Replikator Worldwide Modelling Vol. 1 #1 (February 2015)

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There is a new modeling magazine out there.  Replikator Worldwide Modelling.  It is a general interest modeling magazine, meaning it covers all scales and types of models.  It is digital, and for the moment, it is free.  The first issue is very polished with few typos and a good text to photo ratio.  As they say, so far, so good.  We will see how things develop.  What is interesting to me is that this is an all digital magazine.  There isn’t a print edition.  Frankly I’ve thought this is the future of modeling magazines, given the lack of printing, and distribution costs, it can be done for almost nothing.  If enough revenue can be derived from advertising, then I think we will see this format grow.  One thing I do like is they have a food, drink, music and fiction column in the magazine.  Frankly I think that is a neat idea.


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