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August 23, 2015

Beer review: Leinenkugel Honey Wheat

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I hate Budweiser.  I start by saying that, because this beer might at first seem like a classic American Ale.   As such, you might be fooled into thinking its like Bud, Miller or Coors.  It isn’t.  It looks like a classic American Ale, but a little more golden.  Its taste is superficially like mass market American beers, but it is much more full-bodied.  There isn’t much of an aftertaste.  It does have the slightest hint of honey flavor at the end.  There is no real hoppy taste at all.

As you know from previous reviews, I like wheat beers.  This is a good one, but not great.  Definitely drinkable and given the wider reach of Leinenkugel these days, it is a wheat that you are more likely to find at the grocery or gas station.  This is a good choice for a cookout on a summer afternoon.  I do recommend it.

Honey Wheat

Honey Wheat

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