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December 22, 2015

Magazine review: Scale Modeling Quarterly (Summer 2015)

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IMG_20151221_0002I will admit that I’d never heard of this magazine before.  Faux-Canadian modeler Jim Bates got a copy and passed it on to me after he read it.  I will admit to being surprised at yet another modeling magazine coming to the market.  Print is supposed to be dying.  However, with digital layout and printing, magazine production costs have fallen to such a level that more and more magazines are coming out.

This magazine is a general interest magazine, meaning that it covers all subjects and all scales.  This issue has articles on the PT-19 in 48th scale, a tour of the Boeing Washington production facility, armored tank turrets as pillbox dioramas and a very nice 72nd scale PZL-24.

The articles are well written and well-illustrated.  The PZL article is particularly good.  However, I must say that I just didn’t find enough to make me think that I have to add this title to my monthly magazine purchases, even with its very reasonable $7.99 price per issue.  That said, I did scan and save the PZL article for when I get around to doing one.

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