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December 27, 2016

Magazine review: IPMS/USA Journal Vol.28 #6

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The latest issue of the Journal is out.  Frankly this is the best issue in a number of years.  This has nothing to do with my having a book review in the issue and one of the other articles has previously appeared in MMCL’s Tactical Notes.  If you aren’t a member, join IPMS/USA now.

South China Sea news

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The latest news from the biggest hotspot in the world.  Frankly, I am not sure the US should be overly concerned.  The Chinese did’t even build this carrier themselves.  Not sure how long it will take them to develop the technology and tactics.

December 26, 2016

Sad news

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The Russians lost a Tu-154 carrying the Red Army choir.

A really great story

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In this time of political rancour, this is a nice story.

December 25, 2016

China in space

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If this is true it is huge.  However, I have my doubts.

Movie review: Above and Beyond (2014)

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Above and Beyond is a documentary of the origins of the Israeli Air Force and its operation in the 1948-49 war.  While some footage uses CASA 2111 to recreate the Avia CS-199s, it still has plenty of archival footage and great interviews and stories.  It definitely has an pro-Israeli gloss to the story, but it still presents the history pretty down the middle.  I highly recommend it.

December 24, 2016

Book review: Scandinavian Misadventure

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Book review: Scandinavian Misadventure
The Campaign in Norway 1940
Author: Maurice Harvey
ISBN: 0-946771-44-8
323 pgs

This book, as the title suggests, covers the campaign in Norway in April and May of 1940.  Given that the author is an RAF officer, it has a particularly British view on the events of this campaign.

The book does an adequate job describing the events of the 1940 campaign in Norway.  However, it tends to put more blame for the failures of the campaign on the Norwegians than they rightly deserve, though they certainly were woefully prepared for the German onslaught.  It also completely glosses over the fact that the Norwegians lost their country in no small part due to the fact that the British goaded the Germans into invading, even though the British realized they had no realistic hope of helping defend the bottom two-thirds of the country, where most of the population resided.

The German invasion plan was audacious, and was as successful as it was mainly due to failures by the vaunted British navy.  The subsequent British and French response was lackluster and confused, despite the fact that the Allies had been planning on inserting troops into Norway ever since the second week of September 1939.

Like most books on this campaign, this book shifts focus back and forth between the events in lower Norway and the events around the port of Narvik in the far upper reaches of the country.  The author describes the events of the campaign, but fails to truly capture the disastrous nature of the Allied efforts.  “Misadventure” hardly describes it.

The book is a good history of the campaign with detailed descriptions of some of the actions involved.  Its downfall is its failure to adequately assign responsibility for the failures, particularly those of the armed forces of the United Kingdom.

December 23, 2016

National Geographic B-17

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This photo of B-17 Button Nose appeared in the March 1945 issue of National Geographic.  Oddly enough the aircraft itself was lost in August 1944 over France.  Luckily, the crew pictured below all survived.



December 22, 2016


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Have any of you used it to remove masking adhesive residue from canopies?  Have you had it affect the canopy plastic or the coating of Future that you applied to the canopy?

December 21, 2016

MiG-17 decals

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Another decal company I’ve never heard of, releasing MiG-17 decals.  I love the MiG-17.  Now if we can just get a new kit.

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