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December 27, 2018

Special Hobby: Vickers type 267 Vildebeest Mk.III

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I picked one of these kits up when they were originally release, and immediately regretted not getting a second one. Now the kit is being re-released, and I won’t miss my chance to get another one.

December 26, 2018

Russia rattling its sabers

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Russia claims advancements is both hypersonic missile warhead and a nuclear armed UUV.  Given the poor state of Russia’s economy and the low price of oil, frankly Russia is simply wasting precious resources.  I predict a crash in Russia, sooner, rather than later.

USS Louisville (SSN 724)

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A nice photo of the Louisville.

Bigfoot in Kentucky

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Looks like there has been a Bigfoot sighting in Kentucky.  Shouldn’t we get our own program on Discovery or A & E now?

Christmas 2018

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I hope everyone got the kit they wanted for this Christmas.  After a few hectic days off, we now return you to our regularly scheduled posting.  Stay tuned.

December 22, 2018

109 decals

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I am not a huge German 109 fan, but I am a decalaholic and a fan of the product of AIMS.  They are doing decals for the tulip nose 109s in 2019.

December 21, 2018

E8N sprue shots

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Photos here.  It’s not Tamiya, but it looks pretty good.

Egypt and the MiG-29

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Egypt is receiving upgraded MiG-29Ms. This article has an interesting overview of their costs and features.

December 20, 2018

USN weapons upgrade

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The USN is equipping its submarines with upgraded anti-ship missiles (ASM).  This seems like a sound move, given the expanding Chinese navy and with the Russian navy becoming more active.  If full scale naval war breaks out, I suspect that naval combat will be particularly brutal and bloody given the difficulty of defending against submarines and ASMs

Japan’s carrier future

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I’ve previously posted on Japan’s plans to acquire the F-35B to equip their new “light carriers“.  This article discusses where Japan goes from here, pointing out that there is nothing but politics standing in the way of Japan building true carriers.  I suspect they will.


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