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July 31, 2019

MiG-29 crash

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An Azerbaijani Air Force MiG-29 has crashed.  One has to wonder the mechanical state of these aircraft.

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From the new Hobbyboss A-4E kit.

July 30, 2019

China news

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There are a bunch of things like this happening, almost none of which get any coverage in the western media.  China is a boiling pot.  It is yet to be seen if it will boil over, and if so, how.

Cool tech

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The proliferation of drones is hard to keep up with.

Movie review: Master and Commander (2003)

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While I had seen bits and pieces of this film from time to time, a recent modeling session and the purchase of the DVD finally led me to see the whole film.  It was worth it.  I am a fan of Crowe and I have heard a lot of good things about the books in the series that this movie was based on.  The movie was excellent.  It was well paced and really gave a feel for life in the age of sail.  The action scenes are compelling, well-paced and well shot.  The films was a small success at the box office when released, but not enough of one that the hoped-for sequels were made.  This is a shame.  It seems that all we get out of Hollywood is superhero movies these days, when movies like this would be much more compelling IMHO.  The movie did win two minor Oscars.  Four and a Half out of Five stars.  See it.


July 29, 2019


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Sometimes you just have to wonder.  I am sure this guy was thinking, “It is just an empty tube”, but seriously, did you think that was going to pass without notice?

ABM news

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This sounds like good news.  Sooner rather than later one of these systems is going to get a real world workout.

The Bridgebusters Book Review

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Another great Inch High book review.

Inch High Guy


The Bridgebusters: The True Story of the Catch-22 Bomb Wing

By Thomas McKelvey Cleaver

Hardcover in dustjacket, illustrated, 288 pages

Published by Regnery History, May 2016

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1621574881

ISBN-13: 978-1621574880

Dimensions: 6 x 0.9 x 9 inches

During the Second World War the USAAF’s 57th Bomb Wing flew B-25 Mitchell medium bombers from airfields in Corsica.  Their mission was the interdiction of German supply routes supporting the Axis armies fighting in Italy.  While medium bomber units are not as well documented as those flying fighters or heavy bombers, the 57th has achieved some notoriety as the inspiration for Joseph Heller’s novel Catch-22.

Bridgebusters follows a template familiar to readers of military aviation histories – specifics of the missions are detailed giving dates, places, participating units, and personal anecdotes.  Research is thorough and the writing style keeps the reader engaged.  I found the ordeals of downed aircrew particularly interesting, the situation on the ground in…

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Hope for our society

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Things may not be as bad as we are led to believe the are.

July 28, 2019


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Hey, you’re at the right blog.  Don’t go away.  I know you aren’t used to seeing actual models on this site, despite it being a blog about modeling.  Yes, I know.  Those posts have been thin on the ground lately.  However, I want that to change.  I finally finished my first kit for the year.  While I am not exactly happy with it, having one in the done column feels good.

This is the IBG kit of the Japanese built Chevy truck used in some version by most of the armies of WWII.  The kit is good.  Not perfect, but good.  All the flaws in the build are my fault.  Alan Hall many years ago speculated in an editorial in SAM that modeling skills atrophy if not regularly used.  I think that is true.  Also, my personal goals when building a model are to try a new technique with each one and that each model should be at least a bit better than my last.  By those measurements, this build was a failure.  While I did do some new things regarding weathering, the build was not better than my last one, or even the one before that.  Those failures were in some very basic building and painting steps.  They were my fault, not the kit’s fault.  My modeling skills have atrophied from disuse.  I hope to correct that.

(P.S. Don’t ask why a Japanese truck has a Gladiator engine in the bed and a British 5 gallon fuel can.  I have some fuel barrels, but I can’t find them because of the move.  Just roll with it.)

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