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August 30, 2019

I must have this

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Turns out Bronco Models out of China is going to be doing a 72nd scale DF-1 SRBM.  The DF-1 is the Chinese copy of the Soviet SS-2 Sibling SRBM.  This will definitely fill a hole in my collection.

Random modeling thoughts

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What?  Another post about actual modeling?  No way!  Yes, way!

Wet sanding:  I’ve general just dry sanded when I’ve modeled.  However, after many, many years I have been won over to wet sanding.  It doesn’t take much water, just enough to wet the sandpaper.  It makes a bit more of a mess, but it really makes a difference in regard to the ultimate quality of the finish. Also, in regard to sanding, I love the Flex-i-file and use them constantly, but I find that they work much better for me if I split the sanding tapes laterally in half.  The other key is not to try and make them last too long.  Like X-Acto blades, change often.

August 29, 2019

Trumpeter Tu-22

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The Trumpeter Tu-22 has been released.  This will be a welcome addition to modelers of Russian/Soviet aircraft.  The old ESCI/AMT kit is long in the tooth.  Can’t wait to see it in person.



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Glad to hear it.

August 28, 2019

Why Turkey can’t have the F-35

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And why this may lead to it leaving NATO.  Turkey is making a mistake.  Pretty sure NATO will actually be better off with Turkey gone.

Actual modeling content

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In working on a project (more about that later in a future post) I had a problem with a seam in a difficult spot.

Normally I would use Mr. Surfacer here, but given that clean up with denatured alcohol is required, it would affect the Alclad sprayed on the tailpipe.  However, I happen to have some Vallejo putty that I have had for years, but never tried.  Its virtue is that it cleans up with water.

Here is the first application.  Like many water soluble putties, it has an issue with shrinkage, so I am going to apply another application after this dries.  It doesn’t have to be perfect, and considering it will be over sprayed with Alclad I am resigned to it not being perfect, but if it hides the seam, I’ll be happy.

I recently watched a YouTube video from Vallejo on the use of this putty.  We will see how it works.

More later.



Su-70 UAV

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The Russians have released video purporting to be the first flight of their Su-70 heavy UAV.  See this article for the details. (BTW, notice all the errors in the article.  Makes you wonder if this was a result of being rushed or was it because The Avationist isn’t as infomred as they purport to be.)

August 27, 2019


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A grim report on the current hell that is Venezuela.  Looks like the rats are looking for an exit.  On one hand, if you let them off, then maybe the suffering of the people ends sooner.  On the other hand, you let them off and this will happen again.  Examples need to be made.  In spite of my sympathy for the Venezuelan people, they ultimately did this to themselves.  If you try and vote yourself free stuff, this is what happens, Every. Single. Time.


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Making an appearance at an air show in Russia after a long absence is the Su-47.  It first flew in 1997 and was last seen in 2007.  What strikes me is what poor shape the finish is in.  I wonder when the last time this thing flew?  I wonder if it can still fly?  Looks like they just towed it over form a hangar where it has been in storage.

A little bit of good news

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It seems like nothing but bad news comes out of Asia these days with tensions ratcheting ever higher.  Well, this seems to be a positive development.  The JMSDF has asked the US Marines to deploy the F-35B on two large Japanese Helicopter carriers.  The Japanese are buying their own F-35Bs and this appears to be some advance work to make sure that the JMSDF ships are ready for the new equipment.

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