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November 26, 2019

My favorite modeling tools #11: Future

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or as it is now known, Pledge with Future shine.  Future is an acrylic floor wax that has been around for a long time.  In fact, the original bottle of Future I have is well over 20 years old.  In fact, last night I sprayed some Future from that bottle on one of my current projects.  Modelers many, many years ago discovered that Future could be airbrushed easily, that it dried quickly to a rock hard acrylic finish, that any error could be removed with a cloth dampened with Windex and it made a great surface on which to apply decals.  Later as the weathering craze took off, modelers found the added benefit that it made a great barrier over which to apply oil based weathering products.  Is has become trendy lately to decry the use of Future, but I still find it very useful.

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