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October 30, 2020

1/48 A2N3 Biplane Fighter by AB&K

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An awesome build of a lesser known Japanese aircraft.

Model Airplane Maker

When it comes to building models I think most of us strive to develop the skills that will get us consistent results with few surprises along the way. The idea being that consistency will lead to a lot of successfully completed models on the shelf. But it can also lead to that feeling of rinse and repeat. A modeling rut, if you will.

To break from the rut, sometimes we have to take chances.

I was feeling bold after my successful foray into semi-serious weathering on the P-38. Normally I am not a huge risk taker when it comes to making models. Taking a risk may lead to a pleasant result but it could just as easily mess up something beyond fixing. Yes, the whole point of this is to enjoy a relaxing hobby no matter what the result. But I don’t want to spend a hundred hours on…

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