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November 12, 2020

Bargain Adventures!

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Another thoughtful essay.

Model Airplane Maker

A natural offshoot of the hobby of building models is the hobby of collecting stashing models. If collecting railroad themed plates, beanie babies or used ‘8 bit’ game systems are considered legitimate hobbies, then I say that maintaining an impressive stash is just as legitimate.

It really doesn’t take long for most of us to become stashers. After all, it takes far less time to throw a kit onto the pile than it takes to build one. There are various legitimate reasons for stashing. Sometimes a model is rarely seen and needs to be picked up RIGHT NOW lest it be lost forever in time. Sometimes we are planning our 53rd build (ahead of the project we are working on) and we need to pick up the right kit, decals and aftermarket for it. Hey, being organized means a better build, right?

But most of the time we model builders…

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