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May 11, 2021

Reblog – The Zero Hunter: Let’s Visit All of Japan’s Restored, Replica and Wrecked Zero Fighters!

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Zeros in Japan

Model Airplane Maker

My friend over at wayfarerdaves.com has published a guide to all of the preserved A6M Zeros in Japan. Dave explains that he did not care about the Zerowhen he came to Japan, but as he traveled and visited museums, he kept seeing them more and eventually began to appreciate the Zero’s aesthetic. Now he wants to see them all and that’s a worthy goal. I tried to find a way to reblog the post over here but I could not find the button to do that. So here is a link to the post:


I get what he means about learning to appreciate the Zero’s aesthetic and needing to see them all.

When I got back into the hobby around 2007, it was all about Corsairs for me. I bought some and I built some and I planned on building more. That changed a bit in 2009 when I…

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