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September 23, 2021

My missing right arm

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As some of you may have heard, my Badger 150, that I have had for over 25 years, recently broke. The brazing failed where the air valve meets the body of the airbrush.  Now, I own 3 other, vastly finer airbrushes.  This should not have been a problem.  However, I felt an almost immediate need to replace the brush.  I am not sure why.  However, it was like I was missing my right arm.  I’ve used the 150 for so long, not having it available felt like a hole in my modeling world.  My 150 is my workhorse brush.  I use it for clearcoats, metallics, and general spraying where finesse is not required. Knowing I didn’t have that at hand, just felt wrong.  So, I quickly went on eBay and got a used replacement.  When it came in I swapped some parts around and I am back in business.  I know it is weird, but I feel whole again.

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  1. The Badger 150 is my go-to general use airbrush. I have others for fine details, but the Badger gets the most use by far. It has made a few trips back to Chicago for servicing but is reliable and easy to tear down for cleaning. I have debated buying another to have on hand as a spare.

    Comment by Jeff Groves — September 24, 2021 @ 8:29 am

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