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September 25, 2021

The future of air combat

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Is this the future of air combat?  I suspect it will be a larger and larger aspect of it.  Interested to see where we will be in 20 years, if I make it that long.

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  1. Interesting. Actually, this is how you get Skynet. 🙂
    I know you’ve stated several times, you’ll never learn enough about WWII, same here, and a few other conflicts in addition to that. My interest in military history drops like a rock after WWII though. Why? Here’s a major reason, bear with me.
    In the 80’s when I was on a kick about researching WWII US Army Airborne units, among the many books I read was “Devils in Baggy Pants”. The book is marketed as a memoir, but some say it’s a fictional account. In either case, there’s an incident near the end, when the unit is moving towards Germany either during the end of the Bulge or just after. One night while on the march, they witness the launch of a V-2 rocket far off on the horizon. One of the soldiers in the squad had carried a copy of Homer’s Iliad in his musette bag since the drop at Sicily in ’43. He looked over at the fiery path of the rocket, and remarked to the other men in his squad and stated that he was glad to have taken part in the last war fought by men, and not by machines.
    The article in your post reminds me of that.

    Comment by dixieflyer500 — September 26, 2021 @ 9:24 am

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