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October 4, 2021

A question

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Below is a really nice PLASMO 72nd scale diorama.  In it he uses the AK foam product.  Since we know AK takes commercially available items and repackages them at a mark up for modeling uses, does anyone have any idea what the foam actually is and whether it is available from a more direct vendor?


  1. I that’s high-density polyurethane foam for carving. Very similar to high-density extruded styrofoam insulation, which is cheaper and somewhat less receptive to the kind of fine carving and texturing that Plasmo is doing here. Some model railroaders use the extruded insulation for scenery. The polyurethane carving foam can be be found on Amazon, maybe in an art store, prices likely comparable to AK. I suspect that a 4×8 sheet of it from some kind of bulk dealer costs about as much as that single modeler-sized AK serving, but the trick is finding a supplier for such a sheet, transporting, and then squarely cutting it into useable bits for modeling.

    Comment by Steve — October 6, 2021 @ 6:52 pm

  2. Thank you.

    Comment by dknights — October 6, 2021 @ 9:26 pm

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