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June 18, 2021


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Please let this be trueMore here.

Read everything….

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Professor Glenn Reynolds writes.

June 17, 2021

Space race

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The space race is on.  China just launched the first three astronauts to the first module of their space station.  They will spend the next few years constructing it.  China is serious and we need to be too. (post in memory of Mike Nofsinger)

June 4, 2021


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Why? When will the West learn that the CCP are not our friends and that the scientists and students who come over are doing so as an arm of the CCP.

June 2, 2021

You’d have to have….

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a heart of stone not to laugh at this one.  Add this to the recent explosion at the Iranian drone factory and the explosion at the Iranian oil refinery, and maybe you begin to wonder if a certain country isn’t getting some payback.

May 25, 2021


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The country of Belarus has apparently seen the movie White Knights.   For those of you who haven’t seen it, Mikhail Baryshnikov plays a Russian dancer who defected and while flying to Tokyo, his plan is forced down in the Soviet Union.  It is an OK movie.

Apparently a leading Belarussian dissident was on a Ryanair flight flying over Belarus.  The government reported a bomb threat to the plane and sent a fight to escort it to land in Belarus.  Once on the ground there, the dissident was pulled from the flight and appears to have been imprisoned.

As you can imagine, this isn’t going over well with other countries.  Airlines are avoiding Belarus airspace and airlines are cancelling flights in and out of the country.  Some are pointing out that if they get away with doing this, other countries will do it too.

May 18, 2021

This can’t possibly be true

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Chinese pilots training in Canadian airspace?

May 13, 2021

I defy you

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I defy you to watch this and not bawl your eyes out.

April 30, 2021

More UFOs

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More on the impending release of the government UFO report. (post just for Jeff “Inch High” Groves)

April 29, 2021

Ukraine moves west

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This seems to be a very sane move by Ukraine.  Sadly, I am not sure that the current administration is willing to support them.

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