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February 12, 2020

The Burkina Faso MiG-17

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I am using the Burkina Faso MiG-17 markings from Xtracals sheet X72313 for the Airfix MiG-17 I am building OOB.  One of my many areas of interest is Small Air Forces.  This set of markings gives me a chance to build an aircraft from an air force that I’d otherwise probably not get to do.

The Burkina Faso MiG-17 has an interesting bit of history.  It is the only jet aircraft ever operated by the BFAF. (Libya did lend the BFAF some MiG-21s but they were never owned or operated by the BFAF, were operated by Libyan pilots and never flew operationally.) The BFAF only had the 1 MiG-17, which was apparently either bought from or donated by Algeria. The plane was used operationally in a short lived conflict with neighboring Mali, known as the Agacher Stip War or the Christmas War in 1985.  When no longer operational, the MiG first sat derelict for a while, but now sits as a gate guard at an airport in Burkina Faso.  (It is apparently still there. If you want to see it on Google Earth, click here.)  There are about 4 good photos of the aircraft taken at different times and it always seems to have worn the same scheme and markings.

July 24, 2014

Low profile

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This kind of thing makes it hard to keep a low profile.

January 9, 2013

Magazine review: Small Air Forces Observer Vol. 36 #2 (142)

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As I mentioned previously, I am trying to get caught up with a lot of things, including magazine reviews.  This issue is the October 2012 issue of SAFO.  While it isn’t quite as interesting to me as the previous issue, it is still chock full of good stuff.  There is part of a continuing series on the NKPAF in the Korean War. There is an article on C-46s in the Congo. There is an article on Frank Tinker, an American who became a Republican pilot during the Spanish Civil War.  Finally, there is a series of line drawings on the markings of C-47s used by Central and South American Air Forces.

As always I urge anyone to subscribe to SAFO.  Every issue is a treat.

September 23, 2011

The African Queen

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I love The African Queen.  The boat by that name in the movie is still in existence in Florida.  It turns out that the actual German ship that was the actual enemy ship on which the movie was based is also still around.  Facinating story here.

October 6, 2009

A great story

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This is a great story.  I hope we see more stories like it in the future.  Even in this country there is room for people to act like this young man did.

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