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March 14, 2020

Please join me in a moment of silence

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After 27 years of faithful service (no Jim it was more than 8 models) my trust Silentaire Super Silent 20-a has died. Felled in large part due to my neglect in occasionally draining the moisture from the reserve air tank, she finally rusted thru and died.  She was a faithful friend who will be sorely missed.  In lieu of flowers, please send me Amazon gift cards and Tamiya Zero kits.

November 26, 2019

My favorite modeling tools #11: Future

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or as it is now known, Pledge with Future shine.  Future is an acrylic floor wax that has been around for a long time.  In fact, the original bottle of Future I have is well over 20 years old.  In fact, last night I sprayed some Future from that bottle on one of my current projects.  Modelers many, many years ago discovered that Future could be airbrushed easily, that it dried quickly to a rock hard acrylic finish, that any error could be removed with a cloth dampened with Windex and it made a great surface on which to apply decals.  Later as the weathering craze took off, modelers found the added benefit that it made a great barrier over which to apply oil based weathering products.  Is has become trendy lately to decry the use of Future, but I still find it very useful.

November 29, 2017

In praise of the Badger 150

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I confess, I have 4 airbrushes.  1 is a Skybow Iwata clone, 1 is a Tamiya Superfine, 1 is a Badger Velocity and finally I have a Badger 150 that I’ve owned for at least 30 years.  I like all of them, and they all have their uses.  The Velocity is a dream for fine detail spraying.  But, my everyday, go to brush is the 150.  It is a workhorse.  Other airbrushes can be finicky from time to time or prone to clogging.   The 150 is just a great brush.  It sprays very fine, not as fine as the Velocity, but good enough for 90% of spraying in 72nd scale.  It always works,  It is comfortable, or I am just very use to it.  I highly recommend it.

May 3, 2016

Sovereign Colorcoat paints

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I love these paints.

November 23, 2013

Great Badger Air Brush service

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Four years ago (man, I cannot believe that it was that long ago) I got a new Badger Velocity airbrush to go along with my Badger 150.  I enjoy using it as much as I enjoy the 150, perhaps even more.

Badger offers a great service that I have taken advantage of before.  They will refurbish or recondition your Badger airbrush for free.  You only pay to ship it to them and pay a nominal fee to have them mail it back.  I mention this because I’ve just shipped both brushes off to them again.  If you have a Badger airbrush, I encourage you to take advantage of this service.

March 9, 2012

Book review: Airbrushing and Finishing Scale Models By Brett Green

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Green's Airbrushing book

Brett Green is the Australian who established what was the premier aircraft modeling forum website, Hyperscale. Of late, Hyperscale has tended to descend into a snipefest. However, Mr. Green has branched out and has gone from a part-time aircraft website host to being a full time aircraft and armor forum host, magazine publisher, YouTube sensation and an author. This is one of Mr. Green’s earlier books. It is one of several he has written for this publisher, Osprey.

There are two things you immediately notice about this book. The first is the price. It is $40 retail in the US. I got mine at Scale Reproductions, so I got a slight discount. The second thing you notice is the format. It is a hard cover book, but spiral bound so that it can lay open flat on a work bench as a reference. This is a great idea for modeling books. I am sure it is more expensive, which goes toward explaining the price of this 192 page book.

Even though it is a great idea for modeling reference books, I am not sure this particular feature will be much used for this book, because there isn’t really much useful as reference in it. The book isn’t a bad book. I’ve been airbrushing a while, so I didn’t really expect to find much new in it for me. However, I am not sure that someone who is fairly new to airbrushing would find much in the way of reference in the book. I am sure they would learn some things, but it isn’t really a practical airbrushing reference book. In fact, one of the few charts in the book that really would be something you’d want to refer to, a chart on how much white to add to a color to achieve “scale effect” is actually wrong. The percentages in the chart are reversed with more white being added to larger scales and less to smaller scale subjects. This is exactly backward to the way the chart should read.

This brings me to another problem with this book. Whoever did the final edit and proofreading failed. The book has numerous errors in it, including the chart mentioned above and a few typos and photos that are incorrect for their captions.

I am not saying that this is necessarily a bad book. There are some things a modeler new to airbrushing could learn. However, I am not sure that, given its price, it is a good investment of your scarce hobby funds.

March 30, 2010

DVD review: Airbrush Painting Techniques (Compendium Films)

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This DVD is one I picked up at the IPMS Nationals a year or two ago.  It is in standard US DVD format, even though it is produced in the UK.  It runs 60 minutes.  Though most modelers think of using the airbrush to paint aircraft or AFVs, the bulk of this DVD actually shows techniques for using the airbrush to paint figures or figure related items such as personal weapons.  There is no demonstration of any armor painting techniques, and the only aircraft related technique is using paint masks photocopied onto paper and cut out for masking two tone paint schemes.  This is hardly groundbreaking.  There is no doubt that the presenter is skilled with an airbrush, and the techniques for painting feathers or flesh on a figure are interesting and skillful, I doubt that the vast majority of the modeling community will learn much from this DVD.

October 15, 2009

New airbrush

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While at the recent Huntsville contest, I had the chance to meet and talk with the president of Badger Airbrush company.  While there, I had a chance to look over the latest Badger airbrushes, including the new Renegade series.  While I have four airbruses already, I was very impressed by these new brushes, and they were being offered at a very steep discount.  I ended up buying the R1V Velocity.  Here is a photo, but the most unique feature, the tip is covered by the protective cover.

Badger Velocity

Badger Velocity

I’ve only used it twice, but I’ve got to say I am impressed.  It is very controlable and can paint a hairline line of paint.  More reports to follow.

December 2, 2008

The holiday weekend modeling

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Well, I started the Thanksgiving weekend with the best of interntions.  I was hoping to get a lot done.  I did manage to get a lot of airbrushing done, but not much modeling.  Let me explain.

The modelwife bought two ceramic flowers that are suppose to be mounted on the wall and items are hung from a wire or string hung between them.  Well, they were pink, but the modelwife wanted them to match stickers that she had put on the modeldaughter’s bedroom walls.  This is what those stickers look like.

Wall flower

Wall flower

 Well, I told the modelwife I thought that I could paint the ceramic flowers to match.  Given that I didn’t have any lavender model paint this turned out to be more of a challenge than I thought.  However, I was able to mix up some paints that came up as a close match.  Here is the result after a few hours of airbrushing.

Ceramic wall flower

Ceramic wall flower

I was surprised but it actually turned out to be good practice with the airbrush and with mixing paints.  So I can’t say that I got nothing model related done over the holiday.

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