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May 3, 2019

My favorite modeling tools #9: vision enhancement

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I realized recently that I hadn’t done an entry on modeling tools in a long time.  I checked the archive and it has been over two years.  This one will be a bit different as it will be a comparison of three different vision enhancement tools that I have in the shop.

As we get older, one of many modelers main complaints are that modeling gets harder due to eyesight not being as sharp as it use to be.  That is certainly true for me.  That fact was recently brought home when i had to get a new pair of glasses.  I got them, and they are wonderful, but they made me realize home poorly I’d been seeing out of my old pair, which were admittedly very old.  I am a frugal guy and I hadn’t given my eyesight the priority it deserved.  A few days later, on a Facebook modeling group, I saw a member touting and selling a head-worn magnifier, that was touted as being much superior to the classic Optivisor, especially for those of us who wear glasses.    I was intrigued.  A quick check of Amazon, found the same item at have the price being offered on the Facebook site, and as the price was only $13, I went ahead and too a chance.

Amazon alternative

This was what I got.  I decided to test it out while working on my “I blame Jeff Groves” truck project.  The pluses, it comes with 5 different lenses that are quickly interchangeable.  It is a bit easier to flip up to restore normal view allowing a modeler to look between his project, and a TV or book.  It has a built-in light which requires 3 AAA batteries while the light kit for an Optivisior is an add-on.















After using it, I then switched to the Optivisor that I have owned for years.  Every modeler knows the classic Optivisor or one of its look-alike knock-offs.  Mine is a name brand one I have had for years, and I also added the third-party light kit and loup.  Here it is.


For me, there was very little difference between the two items.  Yes, the Amazon purchase was a bit easier to flip up to view things at normal distance.  The Optivisior might have been a tad bit heavier, but not enough to really notice.  The one thing I did note during the test that I hadn’t noted before, I had too strong a lens in the Optivisor.  I have a #10 lens, which is the most powerful.  I quickly realized from testing the different lenses that come with the Amazon purchase, that the #10 lens was much too strong of a magnification.  Luckily I had a #4 lens on a shelf and after a quick swap out, I realized that this was a better lens for me.













Finally, I also tested a pair of flip up magnifiers (like flip up sunglasses baseball players use.)  I’ve had these for a while.  I picked them up at a show.  I picked up a set a long time ago, but they were made a glass and proved too heavy to wear comfortably.  This set is made with plastic composite lenses and is so light that they really have add no noticeable additional weight to my glasses.  As for magnification, they are a very comfortable magnification.  I think they may be a +1.5 or a +2.  In any event, they turned out to work better for me than either of the head mounted items.  My model room has tons off light, so I really didn’t need additional light and, of course, they flip up very easily when not in use and don’t get in the way either of the head mounted items do, especially when you turn your head.  I was surprised, but I think these will be the items I use for vision magnification when modeling in my model room, where light isn’t an issue.  No, I just wish I know what vendor I got them from or who made them.





December 2, 2018

Paint rack

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I’ve previously mentioned that I was looking for an acrylic paint rack for some of my paints.  I found it on Amazon, and it arrived.

I previous had been keeping my paint in an Ikea rolling 9 drawer cart.  It works, and is good for long term storage, but it isn’t good for quick access to paints I am using for a current project.  I photo of my current storage is here.



























I’ve now assembled the acrylic paint rack I got off Amazon for $20.  It is of good quality and holds everything but large Tamiya and large Alclad bottles.  I really like it and think it will really help with the organization of the new model room.

Acrylic rack





















For $20 this is a good solution to my need for paint storage for paint being used for current projects.  Highly recommended.

November 11, 2015

The used book business

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I buy a fair number of used books off of Amazon.  This story is an interesting peek behind the curtain.

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