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November 3, 2019

I want this

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Hi. I am David and I am a decalholic. (crowd:”Hi, David”)

If you haven’t ever used any Starfighter decals, I recommend them.

Here is the latest, and I want it bad.


February 20, 2019

A great story

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This is doing it right.  Great story.

More here.

January 5, 2019

Oh boy!

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Modeling maniac Jeff Groves has started his HAD scheme batch build.  I have been waiting for this ever sense he started posting his research on his new blog.  Follow along kiddos, this is gonna get good.

December 7, 2018

Captured B-17s

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A nice article on the origins of the B-17s captured and tested by the Japanese.  (h/t to Jeff “Inch High” Groves)

November 24, 2018

Early Pacific B-17Es

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Jeff Groves is doing some great posts on his blog.  Pop on over and check it out.

November 13, 2018

B-17B in combat

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A story of the only B-17B to engage in combat.  (h/t to Jeff “Inch High” Groves for the link)

December 23, 2016

National Geographic B-17

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This photo of B-17 Button Nose appeared in the March 1945 issue of National Geographic.  Oddly enough the aircraft itself was lost in August 1944 over France.  Luckily, the crew pictured below all survived.



December 10, 2012

A great story

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I’ve heard this one before but it is a great story.

June 9, 2012

Magazine review: Model Aircraft Monthly Vol. 11 #3 (March 2012)

MAM continues to be the best of the aircraft modeling magazines IMHO.  While it isn’t the MAM of old, when Neil Robinson was editor, it is much better than the declining SAMI.  It might still be better than SAM, but that magazine is coming on strong.

This issue features a nice historical article on the Soviet Far East naval air force in WWII.  It also features a build article on the fairly new 72nd Revell B-17G.  There is also a report from the Nuremberg toy fair with photos of many of the upcoming releases for 2012.

While SAM is coming on strong, I still think that currently MAM is the best value for the money when it comes to aircraft modeling magazines.  I’d like to see MAM have more 72nd content, but then again I’d love it if MAM, or SAM became a totally 72nd focused magazine.  I can hope, can’t I?


September 21, 2010

Magazine review: RT Vol. 32 #3 (Summer 2010)

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I know I am repeating myself when I say that RT, the magazine of IPMS/Canada and the Journal, the magazine of IPMS/USA are the two best modeling magazines out there today, but it is true.  That should embarrass the publishers of the “for-profit” magazines, but it doesn’t seem to.  If I were a publisher of one of those magazines I’d be offering the editors of RT and the Journal a job and would be scouring every issue in order to recruit new writing talent.  Luckily for the members of IPMS no one in the professional magazine industry seems to be that smart, so we will go on benefiting from their lack of initiative.

This issue of RT, oddly enough, has all but one of its major articles written by American members of IPMS/Canada.  I know that folks in the states make up a significant minority of IPMS/Canada members.  However, they seem to be holding up their end of the deal by contributing articles to RT.  In fact, one of the articles is by the 2nd VP of IPMS/USA, Ron Bell, who has been a long time member of IPMS/Canada as well.

For the 72nd scale modeler, there isn’t a lot in this issue.  There are a set of decals for Canadian Mustang I in 72nd, 48th and 32nd scale.  Also there is Ron Bell’s article on building a 72nd scale Canadian armored car and an article on converting a B-17 to a civilian post-war photo-mapping version.  As usual the issue is a class act, from beginning to end.

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