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December 15, 2021

More SpaceX success

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Time just made Elon Musk Man of the Year.  IMHO it is well deserved.  We wouldn’t be in space like we are if it wasn’t for him.  An example. (post in memory of Mike Nofsinger)

October 26, 2021

A private space station

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Blue Origin is touting plans for a private space station for research and tourism.  I can see a demand for this, especially for countries without a space program who still want to conduct space based micro-gravity experiments. (post in memory of Mike Nofsinger)

September 26, 2021

Boeing’s space woes

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Boeing continues to have problems with their SpaceX Crew Dragon competitor.  You being to wonder what kind of work culture problem Boeing has after recent noted failures such as this, the KC-46 and the 737 Max.  Once you lose a good work culture, it is hard to get back. (Again, thank God for Elon Musk)

December 21, 2020

Remember when I said the US should

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sell NASA to Elon Musk for a dollar?  It is because of things like this, and this. (post in memory of Mike Nofsinger, who’d be as mad as I am at idiocy like this.)

May 20, 2020

The future is coming

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and fast.  I expect within 5 years the USAF will have these systems entering service.

April 3, 2020

I still find it very interesting

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that the USN’s first autonomous aircraft are going to be refueling aircraft.  There is more here than meets the eye.

March 3, 2020

Boeing learns

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something from its recent partial Starliner failure.  It really does seem that we’ve lost some expertise that we had in the 1960s.  Possibly that is due to the fact we are dealing with private companies.  Who knows.  I just hope they get things moving forward quickly. (post in memory of Mike Nofsinger)

January 28, 2020

This is a good idea

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I know it is somewhat controversial, but allowing tourists onto the ISS will stimulate the entire private space travel industry.   Yes, at first only the super-rich will be able to afford space travel, as it grows and normalizes, it will become cheaper and more open to everyone. It will lead to more people in space, more space stations and then development to the moon and beyond.  Faster, please. (post in memory of Mike Nofsinger)

January 7, 2020

Boeing Starliner

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NASA has put out a statement on the recent Boeing Starliner uncrewed mission test.  The mission failed to dock with the ISS because it failed to achieve the required orbit.  This statement makes clear that another uncrewed mission might be required by NASA, but it has not been decided yet. (post in memory of Mike Nofsinger)

December 20, 2019


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Damn.  We need to get this done and get it right now. ( Post in memory of Mike Nofsinger who would be really pissed off right now.)

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