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February 12, 2020

The Burkina Faso MiG-17

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I am using the Burkina Faso MiG-17 markings from Xtracals sheet X72313 for the Airfix MiG-17 I am building OOB.  One of my many areas of interest is Small Air Forces.  This set of markings gives me a chance to build an aircraft from an air force that I’d otherwise probably not get to do.

The Burkina Faso MiG-17 has an interesting bit of history.  It is the only jet aircraft ever operated by the BFAF. (Libya did lend the BFAF some MiG-21s but they were never owned or operated by the BFAF, were operated by Libyan pilots and never flew operationally.) The BFAF only had the 1 MiG-17, which was apparently either bought from or donated by Algeria. The plane was used operationally in a short lived conflict with neighboring Mali, known as the Agacher Stip War or the Christmas War in 1985.  When no longer operational, the MiG first sat derelict for a while, but now sits as a gate guard at an airport in Burkina Faso.  (It is apparently still there. If you want to see it on Google Earth, click here.)  There are about 4 good photos of the aircraft taken at different times and it always seems to have worn the same scheme and markings.

February 10, 2020

Airfix MiG-17 #1

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I’ve been anxiously awaiting this kit and thanks to friend of the blog, Jim “The X-Acto” Bates, I’ve now got one.  I was anxious to get going, so after a quick examination of the instructions, I started.  The cockpit on almost all MiG-17s is a mid-gray color.  I used a gray from the Colourcoats line.  The instrument panel is represented by a decal in the kit and the instructions call for the panel piece to be painted black.  I went with a dark gray for a little more visual interest.

MiG-17 cockpit pieces














I’ve already decided that I am not using the kit decals for the main markings.  Instead I am going to use marking off a new Xtracals sheet for the one and only MiG-17 operated by Burkina Faso.

Burkina Faso markings

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