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November 15, 2008

Two hours of my life, or Eco-idiots

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UPDATE: Apparently, his esrtwhile hosts, the Australians, aren’t too happy with Paul Watson, the captain of the Eco-idiots.  More here. And even the French hate this guy.

I spent two hours of my life tonight, two hours I’ll never get back, watching the show “Whale Wars” on Animal Planet.  The eco-idiots of the the Sea Shepherd society spend their time in the Antarctic Ocean trying to interfere with the Japanese whaling fleet.  Regardless of your beliefs about whales and whaling, these are a bunch of people, mostly people who haven’t spent time on a ship at sea, who attack the Japanese ships with stink bombs and lines thrown into the water attempting to foul ships propellers.  The also run their small craft dangerously close to the Japanese ships in an attempt to provoke a confrontation that they can then use for propaganda purposes.

My complaint with these people is that they are playing at being conservationists while putting human lives in danger without a second though.  They will eventually get someone killed.  The Antarctic Ocean is an unforgiving enviroment and trying to disable ships or provoke confrontations or collisions is simply a level of stupid that I just can’t fathom.

Rant off.

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