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May 5, 2020

This is insane

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Story here.  With the amount of money NASA is wasting, Elon Musk could open Tesla factories on Mars.  This is important.  We need to get out into space and wasting time and money are both stupid things to do.

February 5, 2019

SpaceX tests a new engine

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Story here.  I’ve been posting a lot of space related news lately.  Frankly, I am thrilled.  The fact that there is news every few days in regard to innovation and exploration of space I something that was a regular feature of the news when I was growing up in the 60s.  Back then we thought we’d have a base on the moon in the 80s and regular space travel by 2000.  Then, the late 70s took all the air out of space travel and exploration.  That lasted more or less for 30 years.  Now thanks to several super-wealthy billionaires, private space companies are stepping in and filling the void.  Thank goodness.  I just hope this continues and even accelerates. (post in memory of Mike Nofsinger)


September 6, 2018

China’s J-20

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Story here claims that the Chinese have the engine problems on their J-20 fixed.  I’ll believe it when I see it.

August 27, 2018

The copycat problem

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An interesting article by a UK PhD student on the problems China has in trying to replicate stolen technology.  I am sure they will succeed in the long run, but how long is the long run?

December 2, 2017

Resin engines

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Never heard of this company, but these look good.

November 3, 2015

Faster than a speeding bullet

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Not really, but close.  The theory has been around for years, but these folks look like they are going to make it happen.

May 3, 2015

A new type of engine for space travel?

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Story here.  Cool if it proves out.  (Post in memory of Mike Nofsinger)

March 26, 2015

Resin engines in 72nd scale

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These look very nice on the website.  Have any of my readers had any experience with them?  Are they as nice as they look?

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