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June 7, 2021

MQ-25 first tanking

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The USN announced that they had conducted the first aerial tanking to refuel a manned aircraft. (an F-18).  I am still puzzled by this use of a UAV.  It would seem much more useful in a combat role.  However, it may be that the MQ-25 may eventually become multi-role and this is the way to introduce it into service and gain experience with it.

August 20, 2020

Indian F-18s?

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It may eventually happen.  India seems to be moving away from Russia and China and more toward the US.  This is good news for them and us.

March 26, 2019


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Finland is looking to acquire EF-18Gs.  The stated need is for up to date electronic warfare aircraft.  I would not be surprised to see more countries trying to acquire these as there are very few of this class of aircraft available on the current market.

March 9, 2019

Super Blues

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Looks like the Blue Angels will be transitioning to F/A-18E/Fs between 2020 and 2021.  This should put an end to speculation that they would move to the F-35.

April 10, 2016


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Jim Bates gets some pretty pictures.

March 28, 2016

How prepared are we?

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If you believe this story, our military preparedness might not be what it should be.

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