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May 21, 2019

The paper bear flexes its muscles

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4 Bears and 2 Su-35s off the coast of Alaska.  Nothing new about this other than Vlad seeming to want to do it more often to convince people that his military isn’t a hollowed out shell.


March 27, 2019


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How hard is defeating stealth technology?  Pretty hard according to this article.  While I think 5th generation technology is pretty good, I am skeptical that it can’t be defeated.  Quantity has a quality all its own. 

December 19, 2018

Japanese X-2 (F-3)

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How was I not aware of this?  Interesting as a response to the US not wanting to sell F-22s to the Japanese. A mistake IMHO.

August 20, 2018

F-22 v. F-35

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Apparently the F-22 and F-35 recently went head to head in wargames.  Which aircraft came out on top is a big secret.

August 12, 2016

Russian bees?

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Could this be(e) one of Putin’s sinister new weapons?

January 20, 2013

Magazine review: Scale Aircraft Modelling Vol.34 #4 (June 2012)

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Yes, I know this one is just a touch late.  I have a bunch of magazines that I’ve read but not reviewed.  I will try to get some of them posted.

If you’ve been reading my magazine reviews, you know that in general, I think Scale Aircraft Modelling is the best of the commercial aircraft modelling magazines.  It is far from perfect, and can be real hit and miss.  However, in general its competition is much worse or much more expensive.  The $12 price of each issue of SAM does hurt it in my opinion, especially compared to the $8 price of its 3 main competitors.

The main feature in this issue is on a 48th (boo!) Eduard 109.  However, the other main feature is a very nice build of the Fly Whitley.  Along with a nice, but underdeveloped build article, there is an article on the history of the Whitley and a number of color side-view profiles.

There is also a build of the Revell F-22 in Transformers paint scheme and a nice build/review of the Airfix Gnat.

It is a good, though not great issue.

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